…when there has to be a better way.


If you have ever been at work and thought, there has to be a better way, call us. That’s what we do!
Our mission at Organization Solutions, LLC is to: Love People. Hate Inefficiency. Through our varied services, we improve processes, design solutions, and teach skills to improve personal and team efficiency. We specialize in workplace organization, productivity and Microsoft solutions through private mentoring, electronic file organization, process and procedure documentation (and improvement, when needed), traditional Microsoft programs as well as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and MS 365 Apps. We also make our solutions and skills training available at our eLearning site: www.ABetterWayTo.co where you can learn on your schedule, at your pace, and in your pajamas if you want. Want to see if we might be the right fit for your needs? Contact us or click here to schedule a time to chat.





“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.” Zig Ziglar 

We offer several options for investing in your staff and organization. All of our topics focus on workplace efficiency through organization, productivity and Microsoft skills and solutions. To view our Content Catalog, click here. For more information or to schedule a workshop for your organization, contact us. I am happy to work with you to tailor a program that will meet your organization’s needs.

Express Trainings: One hour. One topic. Lots of A-ha!s Join me live or online each month for one hour as I share one specific strategy or tool that you can learn and implement immediately! For more information or to see the current Express Training schedule, click here.

A Better Way to Series: Since I started Organization Solutions, LLC, there has been a phrase I repeatedly hear: “Janet, there has to be a better way.” As a result, I have created and packaged the most requested topics into workshops that can be delivered individually or as a series.

Traditional Training: Whether delivered on-site or virtually, for one hour or a half-day, I can help you grow the skills of your staff. From the fundamentals through advanced topics, I have something for everyone.

eLearning: On-demand training is available at ABetterWayTo.co. Read more about this cost-effective solution in our eLearning section.


Out of a growing response to my solutions and workshops, my content is now available for you to watch on your schedule, at your pace, and in your pajamas if you want! Here are the details:


  • Our sister site, ABetterWayTo.co, houses our collection of sessions on organization, productivity and Microsoft. To view the Content Catalog, click here.
  • Each session is one hour (ish) and just $29.
  • Once you’ve purchased the session, it is yours to watch as often as you need
  • Group / Subscription based pricing is available. We call it our Let’s Grow Together program. We partner with you to grow your skills and the skills of your staff. Subscription includes one year of access to our eLearning sessions and registration to our monthly Express Training sessions. Click here for more information or to get started!


I would love to share my passion for workplace efficiency with your group! These sessions are a great addition to your luncheons, chapter meetings, or conference break-out sessions. Below are a few popular sessions with many more available. If you’d like to chat and find the session that is right for your group, contact us.

Doing What Matters Most: Over the course of any given day, there seems to be an endless barrage of incoming items: emails, phone calls, paper, meetings, and so on. If you’re like many, you end the day feeling like you didn’t even get to do what was important. In this session, we’ll discuss a few simple strategies to help you manage the work, take back some control of your day, and have more time for what matters most.

Microsoft Office Efficiencies: aka “What Janet wishes every client knew.” You know the programs, Excel, Word, Outlook. You probably use them daily, never having a chance to explore the features that could make your life easier. In this session, Janet will unlock some of the hidden tips, tools, and techniques. There’s sure to be an A-ha! for everyone.

Foundation of Organization: Does workplace organization seem as elusive and unachievable as tracking Sasquatch? Some say it exists, but you’re not convinced. With over two decades of experience working with government entities, small and large businesses, and the non-profit community, Janet will share the foundational principles she uses to help her clients get – and stay – organized, resulting in increased productivity and improved efficiency! The format of this session will be conversation/dialog, so come prepared to share your frustrations and successes with workplace organization.


Below is a general listing of what our consulting services can include. Because no two situations are the same, please contact us to discuss your unique needs and see if we can help.

Microsoft Solutions: I fully believe in Occam’s razor: the simplest solution is often the best solution. Instead of installing expensive, complicated systems, together we can often find a better way by simply using the tools you already own and know such as Microsoft programs to solve workflow issues. Sometimes the solution is a custom designed tool and other times it may just be providing a little training to get the most out of your existing tools.

Shared Server Organization: One of the most frequently requested projects is to help organize electronic files. As a result, I have designed a simple, repeatable approach to help any organization spend less time looking for information, remove redundancy, and increase collaboration while helping everyone adjust to the new environment.

One-on-One Coaching: Pulling from decades of past experiences and best practices, I work with individuals to find what works for that unique person so that he/she can be as organized and productive as desired in his/her unique setting. This is coaching in its traditional sense: making a game plan, practicing the skills, executing, and refining as needed for ultimate success.

Facilitation Services: Simply put, this is getting everyone in the room, asking questions, solving problems, and making progress together. Even if the subject matter is not my forte, I have a way of pulling out all the ideas, helping the group prioritize, and then delivering an action plan while leaving everyone in the room “whole.” As desired, I can even help monitor execution of the action plan to ensure progress.

Organization Services: It is not uncommon for an organization to not just have a few junk drawers but entire “junk rooms.” You know the room, basement, or mezzanine, where files and equipment go to die. I firmly believe that if it is worth keeping, then it is worth knowing how to find quickly. And I am not afraid of entering these out-of-control places to create an easy way for you to find it when you need it.

Processes & Procedures: My typical client reaches out because they are already successful, but their processes haven’t grown with their success. As they find their organizations growing and evolving, they recognize the need to develop processes and procedures that can be provided to and repeated by current staff, future employees, or even future owners. I will learn the workflow and create any necessary forms, templates, checklists, action plans, process flows, and/or procedures to help document and standardize business processes. I tell my clients that I’ll write these tools in a manner so that even I had to step in and do the work, I could.


Changing is a journey and a journey is often better with a friend. We would be honored to be that friend as you seek to develop new habits and move toward new destinations.

Group Mentoring: Get expert advice without the commitment. Use this time however you like, join every session or drop in as needed. Come with questions, use it for the accountability, or get advice as you work through your piles (paper, email, etc) and enjoy the comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

    • Organization, Productivity & Personal Efficiency: These virtual sessions are for those who juggle many responsibilities and want to make sure he/she never lets a ball drop. We’ll focus on habits, tools, & processes to help you feel accomplished at day-end and able to enjoy life beyond work.
      $25/ person / 75-minute session, Max: 6 individuals/group
      • 4th Wednesdays of the month through May 2024. 3:00pm – 4:15pm EST Click here to join a group

Private Mentoring:  Whether you want a 1:1 mentoring session or want to gather a few colleagues or friends, private mentoring allows for individualized attention and problem-solving solutions.

    • Organization, Productivity & Personal Efficiency: These mentoring sessions are designed for anyone who would like to save time and energy by improving their personal efficiency. If you feel like you are trying to remember everything you have to do or wish you had more time in the day, let Tonya help you simplify your tasks, create repeatable processes, and use readily available tools to make your reminders more automatic. If you struggle to organize your work or focus on what is most important and are overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list, Janet’s colleague, Tonya Neihardt, is ready to help you find a better way! Meet Tonya here.
      $150 / 60-minute sessionClick here to schedule private session
    • Process & Procedure Documentation &/or Improvement: One-part mentoring, one-part doing, in this session we can help you get your processes & procedures documented! Tell us your workflow and we’ll jot it down and make it pretty. Need forms, templates, checklists? We could create those as well. In our 1-hour session, we’ll document as much as possible, while showing you the methodology and skills to continue. (Or you can always just schedule more time with us.) Our colleague and Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, Kathryne Reed, looks forward to working with you! Meet Kathryne here.
      $150 / 60-minute session Click here to schedule private session
    • Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & MS 365 Apps: We are excited to partner with Nancy Kruschke to offer mentoring on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & App Integration. Nancy has over 20 years’ experience as a workplace efficiency expert and specializes in helping corporations maximize Microsoft 365. Whether you just want to learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint or need help working in your Teams environment or even setting it up, Nancy is your resource! Meet Nancy here.
      $200 / 60-minute session Click here to schedule private session
    • Microsoft Skills & Data Management: These mentoring sessions, offered by Janet Jackson, are designed for those of you who would like to zero in on a specific problem or get some tailored training on the traditional Microsoft programs: Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Windows. We can also help with data management whether it be converting and preparing data for a new software program or just helping you analyze the data you’ve been collecting.
      $150 / 60-minute session Click here to schedule private session

Workplace Efficiency Experts: These virtual mentoring sessions are designed for the Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant who would like to grow their practice by serving businesses, non-profits and local government.

    • Group Mentoring Sessions   $25/ person / 75-minute session, Max: 6 individuals/group

About Us


Janet Jackson, Owner

Janet is passionate about three things: her faith, her family, and helping others find time for their own passions. She started Organization Solutions in 2001, to help others spend less time doing things they don’t love so that they can spend more time on the things that matter.

Prior to starting Organization Solutions, Janet spent six years with Honda of America Manufacturing where she served as the Purchasing Lead on a corporate-wide implementation, ensuring business and system processes were efficient and effective. She left Honda in 2000, so that she could have more time for her biggest priority, being a mom.

Janet attended Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, where she double majored in Business Administration and Psychology. She graduated with honors in 1993. While at Taylor, she continued to grow her desire and ability to serve as a leader, which was cultivated initially by her ten-year involvement with Indiana 4-H.

With Indiana roots, Janet and family are currently planted in Ohio. She travels regionally and nationally to bring increased workplace efficiency to businesses and individuals through organization, productivity and Microsoft solutions. If you would like to bring Janet to your organization, contact us.

Learn more about Janet, watch or listen.

Kathryne Reed

Kathryne is a workplace organization specialist based in Arizona. Learn more about Kathryne.

Nancy Kruschke

Nancy is a Microsoft 365 app trainer with a background in workforce development. Get to know Nancy!

Tonya Neihardt

Tonya is a workplace productivity and efficiency expert specializing in proccess management. Meet Tonya!

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